Permanent and temporary artwork programmes involving the integration of art, architecture, landscape construction and urban design.

150 & 155 Redpath

Artist: Blue Republic: Anna Passakas and Radek Kudlinski
Client: Capital Developments & Freed Developments

Emerging from two portals at 150 and 155 Redpath, this multi-​component artwork, titled “STARGATE”, animates the neighbourhood with a crew of intergalactic 3D characters in varying states of materialization. These characters appear on the scene, in a moment frozen in time. Is it a dance, is it a standoff, or is it something else entirely? Transforming a busy and populated corner of Canada’s largest city into a window of outerspace, STARGATE’s colourful protagonists tower over several smaller lively coharts, creating a theatrical scene.

“STARGATE is not only a part of 150 and 155 Redpath, it interacts with all of the public space around it. The characters are approaching the traffic on the street, so all who pass by will find themselves in the middle of this dramatic scene.” — Anna Passakas and Radek Kudlinski