Permanent and temporary artwork programmes involving the integration of art, architecture, landscape construction and urban design.

Quad Student Residences

Artist: Nicolas Baier
Client: Campus Suites

This artwork is a true collaboration between artist, Nicolas Baier and architect, ARK Architects Inc. The entirety of the building façade, comprised of black, coated aluminum panels, is the site of the artwork. Through a meticulous mapping process, images relative to the artist’s practice, were incised into the panels, revealing the aluminum substrate to create a striking and graphic interpretation of “academic ivy”.

“The artwork for York University represents a network, a weaving, branching system that simultaneously evokes references to ivy league university buildings and to cutting edge scientific research, performed within these same campuses. The artwork takes its inspiration from a classic tree structure that evokes the great tradition of knowledge institutions.” — Nicolas Baier

Photos courtesy of the artist